About Men Unlocked

Everyone has times in their lives when they need someone to talk to. My name is Denise Dunstan, I am an experienced psychotherapist and personal development coach. I have worked in the profession for almost ten years. During this time I have had the opportunity of working with individuals from all walks of life; men, women, children, young people and families. I have been fortunate to practice in a variety of settings; private health organisations, local authorities, secondary schools, specialist educational units and adult mental health services, in addition to managing my own private practice. I adhere to the strict ethical framework as outlined by my governing body BACP. I currently work exclusively online with men who are seeking to create authentic relationships with others and themselves. Here at Men Unlocked, I combine counselling and coaching with alternative therapies to support you in making long term changes and create peace of mind. My online clinic is a safe and confidential space that offers my clients the convenience of location independence. Flexible appointment options mean you can be assured that you are able to re-centre, focus, and take the time you need to work through issues and challenges with support and guidance from an experienced therapist at your own pace. If you'd like to book an appointment, you can reach my practice through the form below.

Dedicated Online Services

I combine dedicated counselling and coaching services with complementary alternative therapies. My approach helps you realign mind and body. I utilise mindfulness and other processes along with talking therapy to fully understand how your thoughts and feelings are affecting your physical health and day to day life. Together we will explore your life, challenges, issues and problems you are facing. Nothing is taboo or off limits and there will be no judgements. All that is required is for you to show up with an open mind and willingness to make the changes to outdated behaviour patterns that no longer serve you.

A Range of Issues Explored

My many years of experience means I have in-depth training and knowledge of a range of different specific mental health and emotional issues, ranging from all forms of addiction, weight management and personal relationship issues through to anxiety, post traumatic stress, workplace stress, bereavement and loss. I will always take things at your pace and look to approach your needs with a blend of traditional counselling techniques and complementary alternative therapies. Call today for a confidential chat and to discover more about how I can help you work towards a happier, healthier, more centred you.

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